Linnison, Lyudmyla Samus, Maksym Solntsev, Oleksiy Chornyi, Ruslana Koropetska, Volodymyr Kuznietsov, Yarko Filevych

Issue 3. Steel

Azovstal is the heart of the war, a place that became hell and purgatory for the enemies. None of the people who found themselves there could imagine that they would survive. Let alone become heroes.

Here we have collected a story that touched the world: about the love of a married couple to the commander of the Azovstal regiment and the wife who waited for him from captivity.

The story of Natalia, who found herself with her husband and family, locked for months in a bomb shelter without food, feeding dozens of people every day.

The story of a brave mother and her firstborn son, with whom they found themselves in the bomb shelter of the Mariupol theater while her husband went to war.

And the story of an officer who received a one-way ticket and had to fly over hundreds of enemy-occupied territories to save people


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