Denys Borysiuk, Maksym Solntsev, Nataliya Tarasenko, Oleksiy Chornyi, Ruslana Koropetska, Volodymyr Kuznietsov, Yarko Filevych, Zakhar Polishchuk

Issue 1. Mariupol.

Mariupol, before February 24

Here we see a paramedic, a student, who loves his job and helps people. We see a journalist who embodies the dream of her life and talks about the places of strength and superpeople of her hometown. We see a fisherman. He works as a handyman, trying to live an honest and dignified life, although he does not always succeed. Next to him is an actor and a lighting artist, for whom the theater has become a second home. They all were just living their lives.

Mariupol, after February 24

Here’s a medic. He looks at his patient’s breathless body and refuses to believe he can no longer be helped. A journalist. She stands in front of the basement door during the shelling and prays to see her parents alive behind that door. We see a fisherman. He swims across the icy sea, and the only things that prevent him from drowning are the outlines of the shore in the distance and the fragments of old memories. A theater actor and a lighting designer: stunned by the roar of an air strike, they are getting out from under the rubble, trying to find the children.

They all were just saving their lives.

All these are real stories told by real people.


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