Issue 5

In the Dark

Sasha has changed many professions in his life. From a DJ to a computer repairman. In February 2022,

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Captivity Diary

16-year-old Vladyslav is the son of a high-ranking official. Due to the rapid Russian offensive, he finds himself

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Issue 4


The hero of this story, Serhiy, was an athlete in peacetime who was fond of running. He even

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Commando retiree

Vasyl, a pensioner, former paratrooper, and liquidator of the Chornobyl accident, was in the Kharkiv region with his

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Drone boy

During the offensive on the Kyiv region, an incredible amount of russian enemy equipment was used to destroy

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Issue 3


Anya and her husband were supposed to become a happy young family, expecting their first child. However, the

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Soup Lady

When the war started, Natalia and her husband found themselves in the middle of the battle, so they

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Issue 2

The ark

February 24 was the date when Igor Logvinov closed his own business to convert his translation agency office

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Freedom shore

This story can be called the “Ukrainian Dunkirk”, but it happened in the Kyiv region, near the village

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Issue 1

Saved by sea

Life had already beaten Dima before the war did. The absence of a permanent job, epilepsy, and drug

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The building of the Mariupol Drama Theater survived World War II almost unscathed but did not withstand the

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Serhiy is 24, and he’s stoked about working in an ambulance. When the battles for Mariupol started, the

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