Denys Borysiuk, Maksym Solntsev, Nataliya Tarasenko, Oleksiy Chornyi, Ruslana Koropetska, Volodymyr Kuznietsov, Zakhar Polishchuk, Kolesnikov Serhii

Issue 2. Unbreakable. Civilians at war.

This issue of social comic magazine Inker tells about the heroism of civilians in Ukraine. With the beginning of a big war, fear entered someone’s life, and someone became an example of fearlessness. When an occupant comes to your house, you have two options: to accept it or fight. As the stories of the heroes of this issue show, it is possible to fight successfully not only with weapons in hand.
This issue will be useful reading for all those who inherited democracy from previous generations and who do not know how high the price sometimes has to be paid for freedom.


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